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Custom Handwound guitar pickups Strat, Tele and Humbucker in BALMORAL, Queensland for sale

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My name is Dave Leddin and I have been winding pickups professionally since 2008. I had a pretty well established line in Canada but now I have moved home and I am back on the winder. I build Strat, Tele and Humbucker pickups at the moment with plans for Bass and others in the future. I also repair pickups and can tackle just about any job that has solid bobbin to work on. I am based in Balmoral Brisbane and sell pickups via my website and local pickup. I build my own bobbins from laser cut fiber flatwork and use alnico magnets and quality wire. Each pickup incorporates my own style of scatterwinding and have been described as turning a black and white TV to colour. I test each pickup individually by myself and I offer a 30 day money back guarantee if the tone is not satisfactory, non have ever come back!
My current models, for full details pricing and sound clips please visit my links at the bottom of the post.
Telecaster Bridge: $95 Each or $179 for a set
- "The B-Caster" My take on the original Broadcaster pickup using 43AWG Plain enamel wire, alnico 3 magnets and zinc base plate
- "Vintage '50s Formvar" A clean country tone using 42AWG Formvar at 7.65k with alnico 3 magnets
- "The 66" I had the pleasure of rewinding an original '66 bridge awhile back and this my clone. 42AWG Plain enamel wire with alnico 5 magnets wound to 6k for clean bright country twang
- "CBS Bridge" Wound to late '60s - '70s CBS specs with 42AWG Plain enamel to 8.75k with alnico 5 magnets
- "The Classic" A pickup with attitude wound with 42 AWG to 9k on a '50s flat pole alnico 3 bobbin
- The Das punk" A 12.5k monster great for rock and punk wound with 44 AWG Poly with alnico 5 1/4 inch magnets
Telecaster Neck: $95 Each or $179 for a set
- "Vintage 50s Formvar" A warmish neck pickup wound with 43AWG wire to 7.65k with alnico 3 magnets
- "Vintage CBS" A nice warm sounding neck pickup and a bit brighter than the '50s but still soft enough. Wound with 43 AWG Plain enamel with alnico 5 magnets for a nice vintage late '60s to '70s CBS era tone
- "The Standard" This is the first style of Tele neck I started offering, it is wound with 43 AWG Poly wire and alnico 5 magnets. This pickup has a nice blend of warmth and brightness and will go with just about any of my bridge pickups.
Stratocaster pickups: $249 per set of 3
- "The Roodoo" A Hendrix inspired pickup wound to late '60s specs on a reverse staggered alnico 5 bobbin using 42 AWG wire. These pickups nail the Hendrix tone being left handed for a right handed guitar or vice versa for lefties.
- "Vintage '50s Formvar" Based on an original '59 Strat I sold awhile back using 42 AWG Formvar and alnico 5 magnets. I wind these at 6k, 6.2k and 6.4k for the bridge. A nice warm to bright vintage '50s tone
- "Overwound '60s" I wind these using 42 AWG Plain enamel wire and alnico 5 magnets. I wind them to 6k, 6.15k and 6.25k for a bit more spice, Mayer fans have been impressed with these.
Humbuckers: Starting at $140 each $269 a pair
- "Vintage PAF" I wind my humbuckers on a 49.2mm bobbin just like the late '50s originals. I use 42 AWG plain enamel and alnico 2 magnets. These pickups have a nice blend of clean and warmth with a tight bottom end and nice rounded top end and don't mud out in the neck
For full details and pricing please visit,
For links of my pickups in action on Youtube with Paul Pigat, Gord Smithers and Yuji Suzuki please visit the links below
My "Classic" Bridge pickup is in the black Esquire -
Gord Smithers of Vancouver in action -
Yuji Suzuki with the "Roodoos" -
I can be contacted via this ad or via my website via email or the phone number on the home page.
Thanks for looking, Dave